Commission Recommendation relating to illegal content on the Internet

Hosting service providers, in respect of content provided by content providers which they store at the request of those content providers, are encouraged to take effective, appropriate and proportionate measures to tackle illegal content online, in accordance with COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION (EU) 2018/334 of 1 March 2018 on measures to effectively tackle illegal content online.

Those mechanisms should allow for and encourage the submission of notices which are sufficiently precise and adequately substantiated to enable the hosting provider concerned to take an informed and diligent decision in respect of the content to which the notice relates, in particular whether or not that content is to be considered illegal content and is be removed or access thereto is be disabled. Those mechanisms should be such as to facilitate the provision of notices that contain an explanation of the reasons why the notice provider considers that content to be illegal content and a clear indication of the location of that content.