New Labour measures, approved on May 13,2020.

On May 13, 2020, the Spanish goverment ,published a new Decree that affects and regulates the Temporary Labor Force Adjustment and others Labor adjustments.

Among the new ones, we believe that the most relevant are:

-The Temporary Labor  Force Majeure presented in Covid situation, will keep continue in a situation of force majeure until 30 June, in accordance with article 22 of  Decree 8/2020.

-The partial assignment of the workers for the Force Majeure situation adjustments is permitted.  The reincorporation of these workers is even encouraged, that article 4 of the said  Decree allows for the exemption of contributions by these workers while they are working, of 85% of the company contribution to Social Security during the month of May and 70% in June if they have less than 50 active workers and 60%, and 45% respectively if they have more than 50 workers.

-The package of measures regarding unemployment benefits also remains in force until 30 June.

-As for the economic, technical, organizational and productive causes adjustments, its processing is allowed while an Temporary Labor adjustments of force majeure is in force, and it will start to be in force when force majeure adjustments ends. Remember, that these adjustments are not requieres to the end of the quarantine and the dont´finish on June 30, and can be negotiated indefinitely.

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