Entrepreneurs: Funding a recently incorporated SME

Funding is one of the largest concerns that plague entrepreneurs when embarking on an entrepreneurial project.


One alternative that has been designed particularly for recently incorporated enterprises is the grant of a profit-participating loan granted by the Empresa Nacional de Inovación, SME, SA (hereinafter ENISA), a state-owned company that is attached to the Ministry of Finance, Industry and Competitiveness.


The ENISA entrepreneur lines benefit SMEs that have been incorporated 24 months prior to submitting the request and whose activity is not comprised in the real estate or finance sectors. These loans, which are granted without having to provide any type of collateral and the amount of which range from a minimum of 25,000.00 € up to a maximum of 300,000.00 €, generate the application of two types of interests:


A Eurobor fixed interest rate + 3.25 differential (young entrepreneurs) or a fixed interest rate + 3.75 differential (line of entrepreneurs), as well as a second type of variable interests depending on the return on equity of the enterprise, with a set maximum limit, according to the rating of the operation, up to a maximum of 6.0% (young entrepreneurs) or 8.0%. (line of entrepreneurs).


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